Wind Creek Casino

Tools used: Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffects, Protopie, Lottie

From 2018 to 2020, I enjoyed the position of Senior Experience Designer with Wind Creek Hospitality, a Tribal casino operator based in Atmore, Alabama.

In this position, I was the sole art lead for Wind Creek’s social casino project, I helmed the development of large new features, synchronizing efforts across both mobile app and web platforms. As you can see in these images, these features often leveraged complex data to build highly useful tools for our customers, as in the case of the Slot Finder feature. This feature utilized realtime floor data at each Wind Creek casino to allow users to search for their favorite slot games’ physical locations.

Something I really enjoy in any role is spinning many plates and utilizing my skills in new ways on a regular basis, and that is very true of my responsibilities at Wind Creek. Over the course of any given project, I worked to craft the UX, create the polished assets, create animations functional on both app and web, design engaging sound, and often put the finishing touches on front end web development.

Wind Creek Casino home page
Wind Creek Casino auction game page
Wind Creek Casino social messaging feature

Wind Creek Casino social messaging feature

Wind Creek Casino slot game finder

Wind Creek Casino social messaging feature